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A sprinkler system’s quality can be measured by the experience of the people who install it and the reliability of the products they install. We’ve been around since 1975, so we’ve had plenty of time to build an exceptional team and learn about every sprinkler product under the sun. Unlike some sprinkler installation companies, we don’t lay off staff during the slow season. In fact, we’ve never laid off anyone – ever. That means you can count on a stable, reliable, and deeply experienced crew to install or maintain your system.

We’re proud to say we treat our team like family, and we know they’ll take good care of your yard and home.

Our team has two EPA certified water auditors as well as specialists in water well systems, pumps, alternative water systems, rainwater systems, water conservation, drip sprinklers and residential and commercial installation, and all of our technicians are licensed.

We’re committed to conserving water, promoting green, healthy landscapes and saving you money, too. How do we do all three? By designing sprinkler systems that direct water where it’s needed, when it’s needed, and using the best quality sprinkler products available.

By getting these important details right up front, we save you water and money in the long run, all while keeping your yard looking great. If you’ve got an older system, that’s no problem – we’ll get it running as efficiently as possible.

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